What We Offer

Gordon Creek Granite will provide quality, custom crafted granite and quartz countertops that will enhance the beauty of your home or business. Providing excellent customer service is what Gordon Creek Granite is all about

Basic Information

As is the case with any natural stone material, there will be variation in color and markings in each individual natural stone. These variations are characteristics of natural stone the give the material its uniqueness and dramatic beauty. You will have the opportunity to personally approve your natural stone lot at Gordon Creek Granite. Thereby making your top as individual as you are.Samples are provided of your selection at production time. Our installers will bring a piece of each color on the day of your install.

With their reputation for durability, easy maintenance and high quality, granite counter tops offer a wide selection of colors and patterns.

Counter tops from Gordon Creek Granite are available in 6 different profiles, ranging from traditional bull nose edges to a modern beveled look.

The Gordon Creek Granite team is working hard to build a company known for quality and customer service. We will strive to maintain personal contact with our customers insuring their satisfaction with our product.

Gordon Creek Granite combines modern technology to deliver traditional quality, resulting in quality workmanship and lasting customer satisfaction.

Myths About Granite

Granite is absorbent. - Granite qualifies as impervious to water and is actually less absorbent than some solid surface products. Granite is commonly used as building material for high-rise buildings due to its ability to withstand gale force winds and rain.

Granite stains easily. - Granite is resistant to stains. Generally, any liquid spilled on a granite top, if wiped up within a few minutes, will not stain. However, even water can soak into a granite countertop and leave a dark colored spot. This will evaporate out. Liquids that do not evaporate, such as oils, will cause stains if left to soak into the stone.

Stains in granite are permanent. - Most stains can be removed. Even oil stains can usually be removed using a poultice kit that will draw out the oil from the stone.

Granite requires a lot of maintenance. - Routine cleaning with mild soap and water is all that is generally required. We recommend a simple water bead test each year. Drop water droplets onto the granite. If the droplets bead up, like they do after you wax a car, you are good to go. If the droplet dissipates into the stone, it is time to reseal. A re-application of a penetrating sealer is done professionally and usually can be completed in under an hour. Call our office, to schedule this service, as needed.

How does heat affect my granite? - Granite is heat resistant and can withstand the heat of hot pots and pans. However, we recommend that you protect your investment by continuing the use of hot pads or trivets. Whereas the heat will not harm the stone, it can scorch the seal that is applied to protect your stone. Many species of stone have natural fissures, in the makeup of the stone and these natural occurring fissures can open up if the stone is cold and a hot item is placed on them. Stone is naturally cool. Pyrex or glass dishes that come out of the oven or microwave may crack when placed on the cool surface of the granite, this known as thermal shock. This is caused by extreme temperature differences. Always use a hot pad or trivet.

Granite’s tiny pores harbor bacteria. - Bacteria are found everywhere. If it is on a granite top, then it can also be found on a laminate, solid surface or quartz top. Use an anti-bacterial soap to wash your countertop if you are concerned.

Can you cut directly on your granite? - Yes, though not recommended. Regular steel knives are no match for the hardness of granite and your knives will dull.

I left a cold drink on my granite top and now there is a dark ring. What do I do? - Nothing. Just as the cold liquid inside the glass pulled water from the air to create sweat on the outside of the glass, the cold has condensed water (under the sealer) within the stone. Simply remove the glass; wipe up excess water and the condensed water with in the stone will dissipate after a few hours.

Granite is expensive. – Granite offers you an unmatched value with its natural beauty, elegance and longevity.

Where does my stone come from? - Granite is quarried all over the world. However, most of the granite that is imported to the United States is from India, Brazil, Italy and China.

Seaming - An exact pattern match, like in wall paper, is impossible in granite. Each slab is unique. Every effort is made, so it is as close of a match as possible.

Radon - The Marble Institute of America has recently announced the conclusions of a study completed by the University of Akron, Akron OH of 13 of most popular granites in the market today. The testing was designed to measure the amount of radon each granite type would add to the interior of a 2000 square foot, normally ventilated home, with 8 ft ceilings. This amount is well below a level, which might cause health concerns. The test also showed that if normal air exchange rate is applied, or the house is actively used, the radon addition is even at a lower level. The test reveals that granites, that are currently found in America are insignificant contributors to radon levels in the home.

Granite is an igneous rock, meaning at one time during development, it was like volcanic lava. However, this molten rock never reached the surface and slowly cooled inside the earth’s crust, under tremendous pressure. This allowed the minerals to slowly crystallize resulting in the beautiful varieties we see today. Because of this, no two pieces are exactly the same, even if they are mined from the same quarry.

Granite is striking, functional, hygienic and the most durable of the natural stones. These traits make it ideal for kitchen counter tops, accent islands, bar tops, everyday dining tables, outdoor grills and so many other uses.

Not only will we provide you with your granite countertops, but the education to keep your investment in beautiful condition.