Granite Care & Maintenance

Every granite that we carry, comes out of our shop, has a seal applied to the granite. Much like washing a car, if the water is still beading up on it, it is all good. If you would notice that the water isn’t beading up on the granite, then it is time to reseal. The sealer (dry treat) is not a lacquer. All granite needs to breath. It is not making it so that it is impenetrable. The seal is buying you time to clean up any spills that may occur.

You may opt to have our expert installers reapply the seal. Dry treat needs to be reapplied by our expert installers. For more information please contact our showroom offices for further assistance in this area. 419-542-7809

Clean your granite with soap and water. Do not use ammonia or citrus based cleaners on your granite as this will react with the calcium that is naturally in the granite, over time it will cause pitting. Granite naturally has pits and fissures, but these cleaners will cause more pitting. We do carry an All-In-One cleaner that is specially formulated with our seal that is $14.95 per bottle and can be purchased in our showroom. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth, provided with the cleaner and apply to the stone. Buff stone with another piece of dry soft cloth. It will give your granite a bit of a pop! Excellent to use before company comes over. All that is truly needed to clean your granite is soap and water. DO NOT buy box store granite cleaners, as some of these contain solvents which will damage your seal.  We also have available a Scum and Mineral deposit remover in our showroom for $14.95.  Naturally restores surfaces by powering away soap scum, water and mineral deposits on granite, stone, fiberglass, tile and more.

Please continue to use hot pads and cutting boards. Granite is a huge investment, and where as it will not likely damage your granite to place a hot pot on its surface, it can cause the seal to be scorched and it will leave a mark. We can fix this issue by stripping the seal off with acetone. *note acetone is fingernail polish remover. NO doing your nails on the granite countertops* We will then reseal the granite and all will be good. Cutting on granite will not hunt for removing soap scum build up on sinks or showers.rt, but it will ruin your knives sharpness. If you should accidentally drop something and chip your granite, save the chip and we can repair your top.