This is a representative sample of the general colors at Gordon Creek Granite. Our inventory changes daily, please contact us for information on specific or new colors. The gallery below is organized in alphabetical order. Please hover your mouse over each color to see each name.

Abosolute Black
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Abosolute Black
African Dream
African Dream (Large)
Alpine White
Amarello Boreal
Amazon Star
Ambrosia White (Large)
Angola Black
Angola Black-LabradorGold
Aqua Bordeaux
Arican Ivory 2
Atlantis (Large)
Australia Blue 2
Azul Aran-Blue Ice
Azul Imperial
Azul Plaitins
Baltic Brown
Bash Exotic
Beige Marvel
Bianco Antico (G)
Bianco Catalina
Bianco Romano
Black Beauty
Black Bird
Black Forest